Christian Education

    1. To be responsible for all literature/information that is circulated within the local church i.e. vetting, and analyzing for doctrinal, grammatical correctness and maintenance of standards.
    2. To educate the church (congregation) on relevant issues which affect the church i.e. social, current, spiritual, etc.
    3. To perform background checks on speakers for soundness.
    4. To assist other departments / ministries of the church with respect to speakers or invited guests.
    5. To disseminate necessary information to the church in a timely manner e.g. via a newsletter
    6. To identify, encourage and train persons as teachers for the Sunday School Department.
    7. To promote members to be involved in reading primarily the Word of God and reading generally.
    8. To research and implement new / innovative means of acquiring and disseminating information.
    9. To liaise with the Pastors periodically to understand the focus of the church and to assist with educating the church according to the desired focus.
    10. To assist with the production of materials needed for seminars / tutoring by the various departments / divisions of the church.
    11. To identify programs to assist illiterate persons to literacy.
    12. To provide structured material for the new converts classes.
    13. To review the objectives set by the Sunday School Department and assist in the accomplishing of these objectives

    Note Well

    The Sunday School Department is an appointed member of the Christian Education Ministry.