Old Church Structure Rev. Frank Summers

    "Can any thing good come out of 'splinter" Calvary". This must have been Frank Summers" silent question, as he faced the consequences of the unfortunate misunderstanding between the members of Calvary Assembly of God. This misunderstanding, presented such a rift between members that the then pastor, Pastor Summers and a few members, left the fellowship. Brother Redgard, one of Pastor Summers' members, probably had more foresight than he realized. He was the one who made available to the other disfellowshipped members, his home at Central Avenue, for prayer meetings and Bible Studies. This home fellowship grew until the fellowship began to enquire about other locations with a view to purchase. It was not long after that lands opposite Brother Redgard's home was borrowed and a bamboo tabernacle erected.

    The Tabernacle

    Fellowship in the bamboo tent brought a sense of pride to the Summers'-led group. With a strong desire to be housed in their own building, the members, throught the direction of Paster Summers purchased 1/4 acre of land, owned by Mr. Pearson, located at 1 Ebanks Avenue. No time was lost as the brethren from Calvery broke ground and construction of the church building began. By February 25, 1961 Glad Tidings Open Bible was a reality. The long relationship between Pastor Summers and the members of Glad Tidings was severed in mid 1967 when Rev. Summers was called to pastor the Church of the Open Bible, Washington Boulevard.

    Rev. Kenneth Blackburn

    The departure of Rev. Summers from the pastorate of Glad Tidings made way for the dynamic and firm Rev. Blackburn. The church, still in its "embryonic" state needed the kind of leadership that Rev. Blackburn would give. With God's help the church building was completed and on December 17, 1967, the building was dedicated to God's glory. Rev. Blackburn's era was one characterised by numerous achievements. Such achievements included the establishment of a bookstore, the purchasing of the present organ, the acquisition of a church bus and the opening of the Glad Tidings Preparatory School, in 1967, now Glad Tidings Basic School. The Blackburn's ministry was enhanced by the ministry of Brother Ephraim Morgan, but after six years at Glad Tidings, Rev. Blackburn and family migrated to Canada in 1973.

    Rev. H. Dennis Campbell

    The blessing of God was certainly on Glad Tidings. As soon as Rev. Blackburn left, Rev. Campbell and family took up pastoral duties at Glad Tidings. Rev. Campbell was a man with a mission. His main drive was to raise funds to acquire a church manse, to nurture and see to the growth of the struggling youth group. After three fruitful years of ministry at Glad Tidings, Rev. Campbell resigned, sighting as the main reason for this move as havign to take advantage of a scholarship in the United States of America.

    Rev. Leroy Burke

    Again, finding a Shepherd for Glad Tidings was treated with urgency. In 1976 Rev. Burke and family, took up the challenge to lead the Glad Tidings family throught the turbulent period of the 1970's. The Trinidadian minister was gifted in many areas. He was an anointed evangelist and a great musician. His zest and spiritual depth brought new life to Glad Tidings. Under his ministry, Glad Tidings experienced waves of revival, especially of praise and worship. Rev. Burke had a great concern for the building of a spiritual church. Rev. Burke's tenure at Glad Tidings was a short one and after two years, Rev. Burke and his family returned to Trinidad.

    Rev. Cedrick Lue

    The departure of the Burkes ushered in the ministry of the Lues in 1978. Rev. Lue, with his first message to Glad Tidings, "Raw Meat in the Fire", won the admiration of the Glad Tidings family, young and old. The church then, without any difficulty gave the green light for Rev. Lue to be the next Shepherd. Rev. Lue came with visions, some of which were beyond the 'sigh' of the members. Growth was very evident in the Church. Before settling down, Rev. Lue purchased the church manse, a car for the pastor and designed a plan for a massive expension of the church building. Church expansion was not the only thing in Rev. Lue's spirit. He was more than a pastor, he had a passion for church planning. Driven by the desire to see more churches established, Rev. Lue presented what he called, "Operation Five Star." The idea was to plant five others, that would be mothered by Glad Tidings. The operation was flatly rejected by the church.

    Undaunted by the Glad Tidings family's shortness of vision, Rev. Lue kept his vision alive. Today, churches planted as a result of his vision include Victory Open Bible in 1980. Good News Open Bible in 1981. Fairview Park Open Bible in 1984, Rivoli Open Bible in 1984 and Bushy Park Open Bible. Growth at Glad Tidings continues under Rev. Lue's leadership. The church expansion which begain in 1987 was completed and the structure was dedicated in 1994. In January 1996, two services on Sunday mornings were instituted. By June 2, 1997, a new skills training centre was opened to provide training for unemployed members and community persons. In the summer of 1997, phase 1 of the building of a three-story complex to the back of the church began. God's blessing are abundant. The family of Glad Tidings not only look back with praises to God for what He has done, but it looks expectantly to a future of growth and blessings.

    Rev. Daniel White

    Who can know the mind of God?  Our ways are not His ways neither are our thoughts His thoughts.   In January 2001 at an annual Officers’ Retreat, the then Pastor, Rev. Cedric Lue, gave the Chair to his Assistant Pastor, Rev. Daniel Arthur White to conduct the business sessions, while he sat by and observed.  Little did he know that this was by divine appointment, as this training helped to prepare Rev. White for higher office. On November 25 2001 Rev. Daniel Arthur White was installed as the Pastor of GTOBC following the death of Rev. Lue.

    On assuming the pastorate he challenged the leadership to seek to attain the correct mix between the flow of the Holy Spirit and organization. Under the direction and leadership of Rev. White Glad Tidings entered into a new dimension of worship, enhanced by acquisition of additional state of the art equipment and the establishment of a multi-media centre.  The streaming of Sunday Services across the World Wide Web In the earlier years of his ministry the emphasis was on prayer and the spiritual growth of the believers.