Ministry of Arts

    1. To organise regular workshops / seminars involving the various forms of arts.
    2. To identify gifts and talents of the membership with a view of developing these to a level of professionalism.
    3. To ensure that each Arts group, though working independently, will work together to achieve the common goal of the ministry.
    4. To ensure that specific groups be ready and available to complement the other ministries
    5. To establish a committees to oversee the activities of the dance and drama groups respectively.  Such activities will include:
    • Yearly production
    • Regular meetings / rehearsals
    • Procurement of gears / costumes
    • Annual Retreat
    1. To be charged with the responsibility of recruiting new musicians for the local church.  To see to the meeting of musicians at least once per month.  To emphasize to the caring of each instrument by the individual player.
    2. To ensure / establish choir committees that will ensure
    • Regular rehearsals
    • Regular attendance of choristers to rehearsals regularly
    • Choir is available to minister at specific occasions and at other times.