Welfare and Hospitality

    To see to the training and constant up-grading of the ushering arm.  Ushers should display at all times an attitude of tact and courtesy:

    • He/She should assist in seating members of the congregation.
    • Assist parents/guardians with children to be dedicated.
    • Collect tithes and offering and submit same to the Church Treasurer.
    • Prepare and hand out envelops for tithes and offering.
    • Assist family members of deceased at funerals

    1. To organize activities of fun and recreation for the general church.
    2. To organize health fares, which will include: Dental care, eye exams, Blood/pressure checks, health tips etc.
    3. To liaise with elders/deaconesses on status of shut-ins and sick members.
    4. To formulate ways of raising fundings or sponsorships for the needy.
    5. To ensure that the goals of the golden agers are realized.
    6. The Welfare and Hospitality Committee should have a maximum of four (4) members.


    Note Well

    Members of this ministry should be aware of and minister to the needs of the membership as it relates to food, clothing and shelter.