Prayer and Evangelism

    1. To organize various activities that will motivate the general membership in the area of prayer and evangelism.  Such activities will include: seminars and prayer and intercession.
    2. The head of the Evangelism Committee should liaise with Senior Pastor on up-coming crusades.
    3. To establish an ongoing evangelism programme that will involve: One to One Evangelism, Crusades, Street Meeting, Swamp Evangelism.
    4. To provide a programme that will maintain a strong prayer emphasis throughout the church community.  Activities such as all night prayer meetings, all day prayer and fasting, mountain movers meeting and other prayer meeting should be properly organized.
    5. To organize by-monthly leadership prayer meeting.
    6. To identify and train believers to be altar workers.
    7. Altar workers should record all information, as stated by form, and submitted to follow-up committee member.
    8. Follow-up Committee should keep in touch with new/young believers through to maturity, encouraging them to develop their area of ministry.
    9. The cell group should strive to reach the unreached, thus encouraging numerical and spiritual growth.
    10. Cell group leader should endeavour to teach truths that are in keeping with church doctrine.  Pastor should conduct weekly training for cell group leaders.
    11. The Prayer and Evangelism Committee should consist of a maximum four(4) members.


    Note Well

    Prayer sessions planned by the Prayer and Evangelism Ministry Team, should be used primarily for praying and NOT for exhortation and sing-a-long.